Selling My Art by Neil Blake

3 TV boxes packed full of my art, myelinstate art. 

3 TV boxes packed full of my art, myelinstate art. 

   I’ve been painting for about 5 years now, and mind you I haven’t been able to paint every day, I do have a fair number of nice pieces for sale. Check them out in the Portfolio part of the site, if you’d like to see what I have to offer. 

   I know I’m totally biased when I say this, but I’m not kidding about how beautiful my art is.  I can’t wait to get my own place to decorate with all of my beautiful abstract art.  now, that having been said, if you like a piece, please feel free to make me an offer! Please!

Inbox Update by Neil Blake

   Im so happy that I have finally drawn the line about my email.  

   All spam is down, email is at a level where I can easily deal with it every day as it comes in and that takes a huge load of stress off of me.

   I feel good about my email for the first time in a very very long time!!! 

inbox Zero by Neil Blake

I’ve been trying to use inbox Zero email management isystem nspired by Merlin Mann’s inbox zero method to deal with my email. I failed at it very badly. I was totally not checking my ,ail very often, and when i did, i just left everything in the inbox. Well, today, i just selected everything in my inbox and archived it using Gmail’s Archive feature.

Let’s see how long I can maintain this!

Art Battle by Neil Blake


   Last night was my first Art Battle event. I’d never heard of it before, but as an artist in a new city, was it fun to go out and meet some people. I showed up a bit late becuase I had other engagements i needed to attend before the battle. I ended up getting there a little late, so I missed the first round, but was there for ths rest. Each roucnd of painting was 20 minuteses long and the artist coud paint anything they wanted.

  Unfortunately,  I didn’t get any photos of the winning art the was produced, but my favourite was an amazingly beautiful sky with the silhouette of some trees in black. 

   The other thing I really enjoyed was getting to meet other beautiful artists while having a drink and talking to the artists and their partner.

   At the end all of the art produced that night goes up for sale, which is why I want to participate next time.

Auto-immune Diet by Neil Blake

   I was flipping through Flipboard this morning when I saw an article entitled “ How an anti-inflammatory diet can help tame an autoimmune condition“. Perfect!!! That’s definitely something I want to read... So I did.  

   The article is great at explaining what an autoimmune illness is while highlighting all of the auto-immune diseases it would help. The article then explains exactly where we currently are in learning about them. 

   I was excited about the article I read about half of it before I logged into my Squarespace account to write this post.

Pixie Grass by Neil Blake


   This is a picture of my most recent art called “Pixie Grass”. It is also in my portfolio, but I haven’t yet figured out how to reverse the order the pictures are displayed, so at the moment, the newest addition comes up last. 

   Squarespace Help is closed on Sundays, so I’ll contact them tomorrow to get is straightened out.

Roll It Up! by Neil Blake

   Now that I am back back to living in Sudbury, it’s so much easier to get a Tim Hortons’ double double around here than any other coffee when you leave the house. There is only 1 or 2 Starbucks locations in the whole city, so as someone who doesn’t drive or work anymore, it just makes it so much more sense to get a Timmie’s than a Starbucks! 

    Every year around the time the NHL playoffs start, Tim Hortons’ has  there annual “Roll up the rim to win” contest. I’ve known some people who have done quite well with RUTRTW contest, wining a vehicle, and another, the grand prize house! I think the biggest thing I’ve ever won was a sandwich + coffee and donut at once. 

   I will say I’ve already won 2 cups of free coffee, but have only been able to redeem one. I keep losing such a tiny little piece of rim when I do win. 

   Today however is a little different, I found my winning rim in my right hand change pocket!

Finally! by Neil Blake

I’ve been using the same email address for a very long time, so it has ended up on a few « email lists » which means I get a lot of email to go through every day. now that I have a bit more free time, I’ve been trying to get my inbox to 0 unread email. Today, I did it!

Hospital Day by Neil Blake

Well, “Hospital Day” is something I just made up after spending the whole day at the hospital waiting for a family friend to see a doctor. Waiting rooms are not usually somewhere I think about too much, but after spending the whole day here, I can’t do anything but think about how inefficient hospital emergency rooms look. 

   I am really looking forward to getting released after having spent 6 hours in the emergency at Health Sciences North whithout any of my usual Cannabis medication because I left it all at home this morning when I left the house this morning.  

I really wish I would have had one already rolled this morning when I had to go! 

Up Early by Neil Blake

It’s early Wednesday morning and when I say early, i’m not kidding. I’ve been awake since just after 5, out of bed by 5:30 because I was bored, to finally get up and sit down upstairs with a coffee in front of me. The reason i’m writing about being up so early is because up until recently, the idea of being up so early for absolutely no reason whatsoever would have been preposterous! And now it happens everyday!

Yesterday I had plans so wasn’t able to get up and write a blog post like i am doing right now. I’ve been trying to work on several parts of my thinking so that I don’t end up spinning myself into a dark hole of depression.

In order to avoid that dark hole I’ve been trying to post everyday. Blogging everyday definitely brings me back to the moment, even if I posting about the past events.

Art Sales by Neil Blake

   I wish I could sell more art so that I could go to Mexico! If someone were to get really excited and wanted to buy one, it would help motivate me a little more. 

   And I also wish I could get more feedback about my art like my color choices, my line and my title concepts and anything else you’d like to say, let me hear it in the comments please and thank you!

The Future by Neil Blake

I was reading on Flipboard this morning when I came upon We Asked 105 Experts What Scares and Inspires Them Most About the Future. Now, I’ve always love thinking about the future and what it will hold for me, my family, my loved ones, the environment and the planet, but after reading an article like that, wow! 


I’ve got enough problems to keep track of these day, but an article like that just helps me see how insignificant my problems are at a much larger scale.. 

Kind of makes me wonder, “What the point?”. 

No Go Yet by Neil Blake

After posting to my blog yesterday, I spent the rest of the day searching online to see if I afford a tropical, 7 day, all inclusive vacation. End result? Nope! So I decided to just stay in Sudbury and continue to save money while getting to spend time with my niece and nephew! 

Home Advantage by Neil Blake

I’ve been back in Sudbury for a little while now, and I am soo happy that I did, as it is really going to help me get my life back in order (I hope) before I move back  

   There are still so many people I haven’t seen yet and I’m already making plans to travel with an old friend for a February vacation, but I will really have to take a look at how much it would cost.

Earthquake by Neil Blake

   There was a small 2.9 MN earth quake here in Sudbury last night. It was a loud rumbling noise while the floor beneath my feet just started vibrating, I mean everything was shaking. I’ve lived in Sudbury a large portion of my life where mining has been going on for a long time. I’ve even lived in a very active earth quake zone, Vancouver, BC but I have never felt anything like that before!