NFL Football by Neil Blake

  I love Sundays! I love them because I love to watch how much money is involved in the sport of NFL football, i love to see how things go for the teams that will eventually end up playing for the Super Bowl title. I also really seeing how it hasn’t been ruined by it all.

  Something I really like about it is how the entire world watches the Super Bowl at the end of the season any way they can in some parts of the world. NFL football is kinda like the ultimate modern day sword fight. It used to be that men would fight with swords and the winner was the last man still alive, but no one needs to for a winner is declared.


Cold Out by Neil Blake


We are already halfway through January which means we are just about to get to the coldest part of the year out here in central Canada. Sudbury is currently going through an arctic cold snap and boy oh boy! Can you ever feel it if you step outside and if you do choose to do so, hopefully you are able to do so out of the wind, because it’s -40C out here with the wind chill!

That is just way too cold for me!

Tattoo by Neil Blake

   Yesterday afternoon I was over at my sisters place to help her out with the kids while she did the things she needed to do. as I sat in the living room with both of here dogs were all cuddled right up surrounded by my sister ‘a art, I looked at my her art and started talking about it. Then my sister mentioned how so different our art is. Then I had the amazing idea for how to continue using some of my own artwork! 


TENS Machine by Neil Blake

Because of the constant pain I have due to my MS, I’ve reached a state where I will try almost anything to reduce it. I’ve tried the prescriptions from my doctors, but even then, the pain will break through.  

   I like the TENS machine because it is light and does actually help.  

Pain by Neil Blake

   I got a TENS machine today. It’s just charging for the first time as I write this and then I’m going to give it a whirl on my back! I’ve tried a TENS machine before, but I the pads on this new one look perfect so it can better target the muscles that are in pain. I’ll hopefully try a treatment tonight before bed and report back here tomorrow morning!

Weekend by Neil Blake

   I had a busy but very good and enlightening weekend this past weekend. It all started on Friday when I had a doctors appointment before my usual Friday massage appointment in the afternoon. 

   Saturday i got together with a friend to paint where I continued my latest piece. We painted together for several hours and because we were creating, we both ended up being in a great states of mind. I kept feeling more and more connected as I learned more about her. We talked about things that made me realize how lucky I was to have met this beautiful woman and wanting to learn more.

   Yesterday I took it very easy and just watched football all day. Even-though my last name is Blake which is big in Hockey, I’m tending to prefer watching football lately because of the non-stop action and strategy involved. 


Current (untitled) art piece  


Not Vancouver by Neil Blake

You see, sometimes by paying attention to the smallest of things, it can reveal so much. For example while out at the pub tonight, I could hear a bunch of people around the pool table, were getting a little loud and that’s when I heard it... they were all speaking French. Things like this don’t happen in Vancouver. I’m not in Vancouver anymore!

Minimalism by Neil Blake

After having moved across the country using Canada Post to mail myself my... STUFF! I’m now sitting amongst the things I thought important enough to pack up and mail across this huge, beautiful country of ours. Moving just always bring about a moment where you is an exercise I have gone through several times in my life and each time I do, I first see how many possessions I have, the quality and how many I have. Then I decide that I need less stuff.

The thing that makes it a bit different this time is I’m doing it by myself.   It’s like these that really make me miss the first time I managed to successfully reach that “minimal” state like when I moved to Vancouver years ago. 

Shut Down! by Neil Blake

   After having moved back home to Ontario from BC, even though I’m still in the same country, Canada, I’m finding  the cannabis market is completely different out here. I now know why. 

   According to this article, a fairly large part of the reason was that I was going to dispensaries that weren’t properly licensed that were selling illegal products, like concentrates, which are a very big part of how I medicate.

   I find it interesting that the government legalized marijuana partly to eliminate the guy on the corner selling weed to the kids on their way to and from school to only to end up with a market that is just as underground as before and  now preventing me from medicating the way that works best for my MS because of its intensity.

   Now, don’t get me wrong, smoking a joint will often also help, but it’s smoking which isn’t good for the body, so I dab. Dabbing shatter (concentrate) is vaporizing and therefore not as bad for the lungs., so it is my preferred way to get what i need. Another huge plus for dabbing is the amount of CBD and THC that is delivered to the body. It is just so much more intense that it is usually what I need in order to minimize the pain. 

   I’m not surprised that Cannabis Culture was shut down. I had the feeling the government didn’t like what they were doing and was just waiting to find a way to shut them down. Well, the City of Vancouver finally got him.

Massage by Neil Blake

After I was diagnosed with MS I was referred to the MS Society where I learned about their  support groups and the monthly support group meetings. 

   Another thing the MS Society does is run massage sessions with local massage therapy schools so that students can practice and MS sufferers can get a massage at a discount. I was a bit worried about being able to get something like that here.  It’s great and so I am very happy about that! 

Date Night by Neil Blake

   I was on Tinder for the first time in a while last night, and I had a match. In the past I would just continue to flip right or left, but that was where I stopped, I would never continue to the next step, because I was happy... “In Vancouver Neil, you’re not there anymore!”. So I sent a message and ended up on a date! I was our 2nd date, and WOW! Did it ever go good or what?! 

    One thing I got to practice last night was listening. Sarah has a bunch of really good stories I absolutely enjoyed listening to. I can’t wait for our next date!

Vacation by Neil Blake

As I listen to  free music streaming on my phone I hear ads about cheap flights and vacations, which I have yet to look at, because I’m afraid of what I will see.

Another Country by Neil Blake

I’ve been back home in Ontario since the end of November and I finally figured out what it was that I was feeling. 

Since I was diagnosed with MS and discovered that Cannabis helps with the pain, so, I’ve been dabbing almost every day since.  

Back in Vancouver, I could be at 1 of the 3 dispensaries after a short 5 minutes walk. Here in Sudbury though, it’s so different, that I feel like I’m in the US! 

Back Home by Neil Blake

We made it back home and so now I’m just left to realize and process that I now live here! That fact was all the more cemented in when I checked the mail when we got back, and there it was, my Ontario Photo Card had arrived.