Canada Post by Neil Blake

I recently moved back home to Sudbury from Vancouver and mailed everything using Canada Post to get my most desired and needed things. Today I received 2 of them:

  • .Art Supplies  
  • Clothes

it was a good day.

MS Support by Neil Blake

I was taking my usual daily look at my calendar to see that I had an entry for today in Vancouver who’s totally reminded me to look into such a there if there is one out here. I really hope there is, as I found it was a great time to meet people who understand. I miss that.

Instead of complaining about it, I’m going to start the search right now.


Sudbury by Neil Blake

After having lived in Vancouver for close to 15 years, I am back in Sudbury to be close to friends and family again. It’s been really hard moving back to Sudbury, but Here i am! I will admit that I do have a few main reasons that led me back, but I’m just tired of living in Canada’s most expensive city where it’s impossible to meet ladies and I’m just at the end of my willingness to just wait for someone or something to happen. 

So, I’m back here now and so far it’s been good and even enjoyably quiet. I look forward to catching up with old friends whom I haven’t seen or really talked to all that much since I left.  

Days Away by Neil Blake

Yesterday was my last time going to a Young Persons Peer Spport Group (YPPSG)  meeting put on by the MS Society out here in Vancouver, and man, was it ever a hard one. It started with our group organizer telling the group it was going to be her last meeting as well. That’s when everyone ‘s tears started flowing, and in her last address, she also mentioned that I had decided to move back to Sudbury, which meant it would be my last one too. 

Then everyone around the table said some very nice words about their best memories of me, or their favourite qualities were and how watching me deal with it all had inspired them. 

It was definitely the best meeting with the best group of people who fully understand the whole scope of the MS Battle. 

After the meeting, my friend Carole brought me out to dinner where I had some of the best cooked chicken i’d had in a really long time.  I was so greatful for all the nice things people had to say about me and the positive impact I had on their lives. 

We all shed ALOT   of tears, but in the end, I got to thank everyone for helping and inspiring me to keep getting up every day and put one foot in front of the other.

1 Week by Neil Blake

My dad and I began packing my stuff up for the big move coming up next week. As I am packing all of my stuff up to move back across this huge country of ours from Vancouver, British Columbia to Sudbury, Ontario, really makes me question what the hell it makes me question what the fuck is the point of this thing we all call “Life”?

Record Keeping by Neil Blake

So, I have to see a lot of doctors these days and so I have a lot of appointments to keep track of. I put all scheduled appointments in my phone. However I’m finding that apparently I seem to have a lot of them incorrectly scheduled in my calendar which means I am getting up and leaving the house early for appointments that are only in my  calendar and no one else’s like this morning. Thankfully there was a cancellation at the time my appointment was supposed to be at and so I get to see the doctor anyway. 

I really need to start keeping better track of all of my appointments.  

Ketogenic Diet by Neil Blake


I have learned impotant diet is helping you feel good. A ketogenic diet is o a diet where protein is used as energy instead of sugar and carbohydrates.  In North American diets you tend to typically get all you energy from easy to burn sources like sugar and carbohydrates, but I need to lose weight as I am currently about 30-35 lbs over weight for.  a man of my height.

ive been using cronometer to help keep track  of my energy intak when I ear and how much I use simply live my life as I normally would.

Cronometer by Neil Blake

My dad recently told me about an app called Cronometer to help me keep better track of my diet and activity levels. Based on my weight it calculated how many calories I need a day (known as BMR) and helps me keep track of the food I’ve eaten and how much of it i burned off because of excercise. I am doing all of this tracking to help get me to ketosis to help me regulate my weight a little. 

I’ve only used it for one day so far,   if I really like how much it has already motivated to pay a lot more attention to my diet and exercise.

What It Felt Like by Neil Blake

On thé ferry home from Nanaimo with my dad, i was reading a post on Facebook from a good friend about his MS diagnosis, I finally was able to explain what it was like. For me, it was like having to walk away from everything that I had worked my entire life for. 

Since then it has been a huge challenge...that I have learned to deal with. Every day is new day, get up and start the day! 

Nanaimo by Neil Blake

Me dad is here to help me get rid of a bunch of stuff and to get all packed up to head back east. I’m on the ferry to Nanaimo at the moment to go see one of my uncles that I haven’t seen in few years. I am trying to take in as much of it as possible as it will be a long time until I get the chance to take it again. 

As i sit here I have time to think about what my west coast experience has really meant to me and the easy answer is “anything I wanted!”. I’m just going to have to bring that attitude to Sudbury. It kinda gets me excited to get back and start the next part of my life.  

Space Flight by Neil Blake

I just posted about booking my plane ticket home. Then I went Flipboard to check out what was going on in world where I saw an article called Meet Shuttle, the company that’s building a booking agent for space flight

Its here!!! it’s 2018 and you’re rich, you too can now book yourself a trip which includes space flight. These trips aren’t cheap, they start at around $250k.

Busy Day! by Neil Blake

As I prepare to move back to Sudbury, I have been going through a, what I like to call, minimization phase in my life. I am currently sitting on a sofa I have already sold, in a room with fewer and fewer things, as I sell everything to get ready to move back to Sudbury. And progress is being made!

Sales are HOT!!! by Neil Blake

Wow! If we are friends on facebook, you can easily see that I am selling a LOT of stuff. That’s because I am getting ready and it’s really happening!There is more and more space in here by the hour, it’s crazy! Anyway, I need to get back and get ready for my next sale.

Nothing by Neil Blake

As I get ready to move back to Sudbury, I am listing everything I have in this apartment for sale because I don’t want to have to pay to move it out there. So far the response has been amazing! I’ve already sold so much! I haven’t listed any of my art anywhere, but it is definitely also up for sale, just make me an offer!

As I’m going through the sale, I’m left here thinking about life choices amongst the very last things that are my possessions. I am almost there… left with nothing.