Idea! by Neil Blake

So, I have been living on disability in Vancouver since being diagnosed in 2012. At first I refused to stop and appreciate. I still had a little bit of money at the time, so I decided to start fulfilling some of my dreams like traveling to Australia and New Zealand to visit friends. While in Australia, I visited the beautiful Whitsunday Islands. I also got to see Skrillex while visiting a friend from university in Auckland, but here I am getting ready to move back to Sudbury.

The only motivation that has managed to convince me to move back is saving money... and traveling south. I am really looking forward to traveling south come January/February.

Cannabis Is Legal! by Neil Blake

I was at Cannabis Culture on Davie street today dabbing away and all of a sudden a camera crew from the CBC walks in and and asks if he can film me. I say “Yes!”. 

it was great! I got to talk about how great marijuana was for helping me with my MS.  

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This article has shown it to be true because it is. The scientists believe that this study is the "most complete systematic review and meta-analysis of the effect of cannabinoids on MS." And today, IT’S LEGAL!!!

Pumpkin Memories by Neil Blake

I remember back in the day just before my now ex-wife and I got divorced in 2009, we were living in our loft we had bought and worked on to get just absolutely perfect. We had a spot in the rooftop strata garden and we started googling and learning about vegetable gardening. That was when I started hearing about competitive gardening.   Well, here we are 15 or so years later and I read another article about it and how a 2000 lbs pumpkin was recently grown in Cameron, Ontario. 

Blogger by Neil Blake

This website is my third or fourth website. And I absolutely love it. The mobile app by the site host, Squarespace, is awesome. The iPhone is great and it’s all so easy. Once I’ve posted, I can then go take a look at the anylitics for my site. I remember back in the day before I managed to get my site up on my own machine, I used a site called Blogger.  

I wish I could remember some of my old early day web addresses were from back in the day so that I could go and see whet their state is like today. They are pabably all just completely broken. 

Anyways, I’m just glad that I have this site today and they I have been posting so much more.  Finally, I want to thank my audience for reading, so THANK YOU!

Progress by Neil Blake

   My life changed big time about 5 years aso when I was diagnosed with MS. As I started trying to learn more about the illness I would be living with for the test of my life, I learned that MS was an illness where my own immune system starts thinking that the myelin sheath that protects every nerve cell in human body, is an invading virus or something like and attacks it like an enemy. This damages the cells and leaves behind damaged areas called lesions. Lesions are like scars on the brain, which means that things aren’t going to flow like they once did.

There is no cure, but I am on medication called Gilenya, which has helped get me back to feeling ok, with pain still, on most days.

When I first started leaning about MS, I first started learning about the medication I was on, and where we were in regards to research overall.

   Even though there was no cure and still plenty of unknowns, I really hoped that a breakthrough would come soon.

   Well, I think it has!  A team of researchersha from University Hospital of Zurich in Switzerland  have my have identified an elusive molecule that sparks multiple sclerosis. That’s when I got excited! 

Finally some real progress!

YVR => YSB by Neil Blake

I’ve lived in Vancouver since I moved here from Ottawa with the woman who is now my ex-wife in 2004 and I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2013. Even though Vancouver is one of Canada’s most expensive cities and I’ve been on disability since then, I’ve managed to stay here... for now. I’ve decided to move back to Sudbury, at least for a little while.. 

i don’t have exact dates worked out yet, but it is true, I will soon be a resident of  Sudbury, Ontario. 

Getting It Done by Neil Blake

So for the past month or so, my mom has been staying with me at my place in Vancouver, helping me get all my finances and other parts of my life back in order after my seizure and at first there wasn’t really a lot of progress made because I was recovering and then started being really really lazy. 

Still, that was close to a month ago. 


Happy Birthday! by Neil Blake

Today is my ex wife’s birthday, and even though we got divorced over 5 years ago, she is still a huge part of me that I have now lost and it hurts so much when I think of her. I miss her so so so so much. I would do almost anything for another date with her like in the days. 

I miss you Crystal .

Interesting by Neil Blake

My aunt Nikki has been helping me out lately, and so today, it’s my turn to pay it back. I’m just at her place now waiting for some workers to come into her place, which is an absolutely awesome little Bachelor suite in a very new building.

Just seeing it and feeling how solid it is, is really… I don’t know. Well, yes I do know. My mom is here to help since my seizure , and it’s really making me think… On one hand, I love the west, living near the ocean, the people I have met out here, and the WEATHER! But then I reach into my pocket, that’s where it’s just so hard for me to want to leave… unless it was somewhere super cheap, which is EXACLY what going home would be…

But, I’m just not ready yet!

I will also say this. I’m in a one bedroom apartment in the west end of downtown Vancouver. It’s a very great neighbourhood, which actually, now that Im thinking about it… it might be fund to go home and live cheap for a bit so that I would be able to travel a little sooner, because once my debt is paid, that will become my primary focus.

I just really need to start strapping it down!

Déjà-vu Part II by Neil Blake

As I was thinking about it yesterday, I think I have a small understanding about how it happens.

The sun is bright and it’s a beautiful morning and I was on the bus like I usually am in the same neighbourhood i’ve resided in for close to 10 years and everything is different, and yet still the same. I’m in a big beautiful city like Vancouver and it is still struggling with the same problems it was 5 years ago. 

Young Persons Peer Support Group by Neil Blake

Today is the third Sunday of the month which means there is a meeting organized and hosted by the MS Society at Metrotown for the Young Persons Peer Support Group. It’s a meeting where those of us who are affected by MS get together and have a little chat about how things are going. 

   Sometimes we talk about how we have been feeling, the medication we are on, how we are eating, and things we may have found to help make things more comfortable, hobbies we are doing, etc. It’s  just a very enjoyable and informative meeting. 

   And today I am smoking a joint before the meeting starts which I will smoke the rest of after it’s done.