Earthquake by Neil Blake

   There was a small 2.9 MN earth quake here in Sudbury last night. It was a loud rumbling noise while the floor beneath my feet just started vibrating, I mean everything was shaking. I’ve lived in Sudbury a large portion of my life where mining has been going on for a long time. I’ve even lived in a very active earth quake zone, Vancouver, BC but I have never felt anything like that before!


Busy Weekend by Neil Blake

well, there you go, an entire weekend where I only got to stop at night to sleep except for also getting to watch the Super Bowl. I’ve watched about 15-20 of them in my life, and the game yesterday was a joke and an embarrassment to the NFL and what it is supposed to be like. I read that it was the lowest scoring game in Super Bowl history. In my opinion, it was definitely the least believable from a confidence point of view. The New England Patriots still won, but it was such a shady win. 

Teedot by Neil Blake


Back in my younger days, when I used to “rave”,  I’d try to get to “teedot” as often as I could afford. “Teedot” is what all of us candy kids would call the City of Toronto because that’s where all the best parties, I mean raves, were, and even if there wasn’t a party that weekend my girlfriend at the time was going to school at Seneca College and lived there, so I had plenty of reasons to go.

Today, I still have reasons to visit Toronto, but I live in Vancouver, so when my 40th Birthday party at home with all of my good friends from school and my family, I jumped on it.

So, almost 20 years later I’m on an Ontario Northland bus on my way to Teedot to catch up with the same woman whom I haven’ spoken to in an easy 15 years... I can’t even remember speaking to her since I moved to Vancouver.

That being said though, it’s 2018 and social networking is everywhere so I do still know a little bit about what she’s been up to.

Really? by Neil Blake

I've always taken public transit to and from work, especially once I realized how much less stress, expense, and in Vancouver at least, traffic I would have to deal with. Taking transit has always meant there was a lot ore walking in my life. When I was working as a software developer, I'd be sitting at a desk all day which meant that I wasn't getting a lot of exercise. 

Now that I am a lot more conscious of my health and my body, I set myself a daily step count of at least 13500 steps a day. I use my Apple Watch Activity App and Carrot Rewards app (if you want to earn more reqards, please use my user code "neilb6398") to keep track of all my step numbers everyday. 

Once I saw that I could earn Airmiles and Aeroplan miles just by walking, I'd joke I was going to walk to Hawaii! The only problem is I doin't think my shoes are going to make it. If i haven't somehow punctured a whole through the upper of the shoe like I did with my last brand new pair of Adidas shoes. Hopefully the shoe repair guys can fix them up real nice!  

This Is Us by Neil Blake

One of my best Friends RT recently introduced me to a new show, available on Netflix, called "This Is Us", which, even though I am only a few episodes in, is definitely some of the best TV i've ever seen, by far! I just love the stories and subjects it deals with, the characters, and how those characters deal with some very real, and very difficult situations. If you haven't seen it yet, i could DEFINITELY start at episode 1 of season 1 and go from there. If you love TV with really good, interesting and relatable stories, you'll be hooked before you even finish that first episode.