2050 by Neil Blake


So now that I don’t work, I’ve got myself a LOT of free time to fill. How I deal with situations like these is I try to find things to do to fill my days. I usually start off with a quick look at Facebook, but I’ve really been trying to focus on what I need to do lose some weight.

I’m currently sitting at “The Coffee Shop” here in Tobermory on an absolutely beautiful day. From some of the articles I’ve been reading on Flipboard have been talking about the amount of damage we as the human race have been doing to our home planet. The articles I’ve been reading have been saying everything from how the recycling programs in Ontario, and most likely the rest of Canada, and most likely the US as well is not actually helping the environment at all. In fact it is probably making it even worse. Micro plastics are only getting worse and more prevalent around the world!

On top of all that plastic that will be around for a long, long time, we should remember: in order to produce the stuff in the first place, we need to get the oil and gas to manufacture it. That takes up a lot of resources. We have already gotten to the point where the Oil Sands in Alberta actually makes sense to some people.

Today, corporations are all just seeking higher and higher profits and will do anything it takes to the environment to make it happen ANYTHING!

We haven’t even talked about global warming yet! It has already started and has gotten so bad that HUGE glaciers at both the South and North poles. Once they are gone, there will be NOTHING left to cool the planet!

When scientists look at the current rate of change we are already seeing in the weather they predict that by the year 2050, it will be too hot for humans to survive! That is only 30 years away!

My diagnosis has really taught me to live and enjoy life as much as I can every day and you should to!

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Art sale Update by Neil Blake

Uh!!! Unfortunately, even though I was out on the dock with my art all day, I didn’t even manage to give away a business card for free yesterday!

The area of the dock ended up being in a very low traffic area, so hardly anyone got to see my setup where I had 10 pieces. I barely even talked to anyone!

Next time I do something like that, I’m also going to make sure I have signs!

Art sale Today by Neil Blake

I’m currently in Tobermory visiting my dad and today you’ll be able to find me on the dock by the Blue Heron shop.

I’ve got the pieces that I will be selling today with me here along with my business cards, so even if I don’t manage to sell any, I will at least be able to hand out my card to a bunch of new people who will hopefully visit my site to see more of my paintings (all found here), and learn more about my battle with MS from my blog.

I love meeting new people and since my diagnosis, I don’t go out as much. Today however is new day!

Summer by Neil Blake

Yesterday was the first day of summer. I’m not usually this excited for summer, but after the brutally cold winter we had in Sudbury this year, it will be nice when I can wake up, get dressed in shorts and a t-shirt and not have to be afraid if I am going to end up being cold later.

I did just see a forecast which essentially predicted that cold air from the arctic would make its way down into central Canada. I sure hope it’s not going to be cold. I mean with my MS, I’m not able to get hot like I once did either. I wouldn’t be opposed to a cool summer so I guess the only thing I can do is wait an see!

Nice People Around by Neil Blake

The last two times I decided to walk into town from the trailer, I’ve had people stop and offer me a ride.

The first time was by a man driving a Tesla. It was super neat and quiet!

Today on my way in, it was a car of ladies who live close to my dad and were off to work in town. It’s little things like this that never happened to me while living in either Vancouver or Sudbury.i guess it’s the little things like these that make living in a small town so much more enjoyable!

Wellbeing Budget by Neil Blake

The prime minister of New Nealand today announced his new budget, called the Wellbeing Budget which is aimed at improving mental health services, and healing more low income families and child services. The budjet’s main goal it to improve mental health and other important services for everyone.

If you’d like to learn more, read all about it here.

10,000 Steps a Day by Neil Blake

I have been trying to be a lot more active since I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.and put on a lot of medication just over 6 years ago. That need for 10k steps a day is to keep my weight in check as some of the meds some make me very hungry way too much, and so I started gaining weight! More than I’ve ever had on me in my life!

When I was married, I used to carry a pedometer with me in my pocket every day, until I lost it somewhere. My interest in getting to 10k steps/day was sparked again by the Apple Watch which is one of my favourite features of the watch!

For example, yesterday I got lost a few times walking around Tobermory, and so ended up walking 24,700 steps to cover the 18.6km I walked yesterday! Let me tell you about how tired I was by the time I got home after having dinner with my dad’s friends Rick and Ashley at the Crows Nest Pub where I had an absolutely delicious pulled pork sandwich.

Let’s just say there was no problem falling asleep last night!

MS - Cause Found! by Neil Blake

In this article from UBC Neurology Department where my old neurologist is who Lead Neurologist, Dr. Traboulsee, explains the big discovery that MS is a indeed genetic illness and they have identified the genetic mutation that leads to Multiple Sclerosis!

What this means is that doctors will be able to identify people who are over 40% more likely to develop MS with a simple blood test.

This also means researchers will be able to develop treatments using mouse models and have more information which should help develop more effective treatments.

I personally always thought MS was genetic, and now we have the proof!

I guess that was why I never really wanted to have children when I had opportunity to do so.

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Pumpkin Spiced Latte by Neil Blake

My dad is working in town in Tobermory today, so after my shower this morning, I decided to walk into town to The Coffee Shop to get myself a coffee.. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful walk, whether it’s raining or not, but unfortunately, it was raining quite hard today, so I ended up being a little wet by the time I got there. Oh well!

I ordered myself a Vanilla Latte with an extra shot and went to sit down. I was sitting very near the counter where you order, and the woman behind me ordered a Pumpkin Spice Latte, which totally reminded me of how especially good those are here. Unfortunately I had just received my Latte before she had a chance to order

That’s okay though as I am already almost ready for my next coffee.. a Pumpkin Spice Latte. :)

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Selling my Art by Neil Blake

When I moved back home in Ontario from Vancouver, I didn’t really bring much with me except for the essentials like clothes, but I didn’t own any furniture anymore, but there was one thing that I was never going to leave behind. That one thing is actually made up of 24 pieces. That one thing I am talking about is my portfolio of art.

The awesome thing was that I literally just mailed it to my moms house using Canada Post. I used Canada Post because I had a very good inclination that it would totally arrive in the same state it was in (not damaged) when I packed it. I could have brought it with me on the plane, but it was expensive, and I don’t really trust airline baggage handling, especially when it is fragile, unless it is ridiculously marked FRAGILE!

If you or anyone you know likes Contemporary Abstract Art by a Disabled because of Multiple Sclerosis Canadian Artist, please take a look at my Portfolio and make me an offer! I will end this post by sayingthat i will seriously consider any offer over $150.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to got through my portfolio.

Tobermory by Neil Blake

I made it! I’m not going to lie, even though I LOVE Vancouver and the West Coast, I do have a few favourite places in Ontario, one of which is on the Bruce Peninsula in Georgian Bay of Lake Huron called Tobermory, which is where my Dad now lives.

My mom and dad would come here with the kids to go diving in the shipwrecks in the lakes which were used by the Europeans to come get furs from the native trappers to bring back to Europe to make fur coats for their wives. My sister and I were young, so we would play in the sand while our parents would be underwater. The sand on the beaches here is so unbelievably different than what we had at Sudbury beaches, we would just play for hours and hours. I just love how many good memories are coming back.

Although I have a fairly difficult time recalling recent events, I just love that these great ones are coming back.

Niagara Falls by Neil Blake

I’m am currently heading towards Tobermory to spend a couple of weeks with my dad. I am traveling with my parents (Mom and step father and two of their friends. We have been in Niagara for the past couple of days, and it totally been jogging my memory of the last time I was here.

Ironically enough, it was only when we got to our 7th floor room that I remembered some awesome memories of a trip I took in the past to spend time with a woman who is still very close to my heart. I have nothing but good memories about this woman, and I would love if I could get her back into it!

Georgian Downs by Neil Blake


Today my parents and I all left Sudbury to head out on a small road trip that will eventually bring me to Tobermory to spend a couple of weeks with my dad.

Mom really looking forward to that!

Lost Seeds by Neil Blake

The last time I bought some weed to medicate with, I found two seeds that I was really hoping to plant, but, unfortunately, I seem to have already lost them! ;) I was really looking forward to seeing these grow up so they could present me with options to consider when medicating.

I really hate how bad my memory is today. I upsets me just thinking about what it used to be compared to today. My seizures definitely aren’t helping!

Back to the gym by Neil Blake

I had gone to my parents’ trailer this past weekend and just returned to getting back into working out at the gym. I managed to keep my weekend weight gain to a minimum!

Since I arrived too close to the class starting, I didn’t get to have my measurements done. That’s okay though because I’ll be going back tomorrow for the same class and will have my measurements taken then. I can’t wait!