Ketogenic Diet by Neil Blake


I have learned impotant diet is helping you feel good. A ketogenic diet is o a diet where protein is used as energy instead of sugar and carbohydrates.  In North American diets you tend to typically get all you energy from easy to burn sources like sugar and carbohydrates, but I need to lose weight as I am currently about 30-35 lbs over weight for.  a man of my height.

ive been using cronometer to help keep track  of my energy intak when I ear and how much I use simply live my life as I normally would.

Cronometer by Neil Blake

My dad recently told me about an app called Cronometer to help me keep better track of my diet and activity levels. Based on my weight it calculated how many calories I need a day (known as BMR) and helps me keep track of the food I’ve eaten and how much of it i burned off because of excercise. I am doing all of this tracking to help get me to ketosis to help me regulate my weight a little. 

I’ve only used it for one day so far,   if I really like how much it has already motivated to pay a lot more attention to my diet and exercise.

What It Felt Like by Neil Blake

On thé ferry home from Nanaimo with my dad, i was reading a post on Facebook from a good friend about his MS diagnosis, I finally was able to explain what it was like. For me, it was like having to walk away from everything that I had worked my entire life for. 

Since then it has been a huge challenge...that I have learned to deal with. Every day is new day, get up and start the day! 

Nanaimo by Neil Blake

Me dad is here to help me get rid of a bunch of stuff and to get all packed up to head back east. I’m on the ferry to Nanaimo at the moment to go see one of my uncles that I haven’t seen in few years. I am trying to take in as much of it as possible as it will be a long time until I get the chance to take it again. 

As i sit here I have time to think about what my west coast experience has really meant to me and the easy answer is “anything I wanted!”. I’m just going to have to bring that attitude to Sudbury. It kinda gets me excited to get back and start the next part of my life.  

Space Flight by Neil Blake

I just posted about booking my plane ticket home. Then I went Flipboard to check out what was going on in world where I saw an article called Meet Shuttle, the company that’s building a booking agent for space flight

Its here!!! it’s 2018 and you’re rich, you too can now book yourself a trip which includes space flight. These trips aren’t cheap, they start at around $250k.

Busy Day! by Neil Blake

As I prepare to move back to Sudbury, I have been going through a, what I like to call, minimization phase in my life. I am currently sitting on a sofa I have already sold, in a room with fewer and fewer things, as I sell everything to get ready to move back to Sudbury. And progress is being made!

Sales are HOT!!! by Neil Blake

Wow! If we are friends on facebook, you can easily see that I am selling a LOT of stuff. That’s because I am getting ready and it’s really happening!There is more and more space in here by the hour, it’s crazy! Anyway, I need to get back and get ready for my next sale.

Nothing by Neil Blake

As I get ready to move back to Sudbury, I am listing everything I have in this apartment for sale because I don’t want to have to pay to move it out there. So far the response has been amazing! I’ve already sold so much! I haven’t listed any of my art anywhere, but it is definitely also up for sale, just make me an offer!

As I’m going through the sale, I’m left here thinking about life choices amongst the very last things that are my possessions. I am almost there… left with nothing.

Idea! by Neil Blake

So, I have been living on disability in Vancouver since being diagnosed in 2012. At first I refused to stop and appreciate. I still had a little bit of money at the time, so I decided to start fulfilling some of my dreams like traveling to Australia and New Zealand to visit friends. While in Australia, I visited the beautiful Whitsunday Islands. I also got to see Skrillex while visiting a friend from university in Auckland, but here I am getting ready to move back to Sudbury.

The only motivation that has managed to convince me to move back is saving money... and traveling south. I am really looking forward to traveling south come January/February.

Cannabis Is Legal! by Neil Blake

I was at Cannabis Culture on Davie street today dabbing away and all of a sudden a camera crew from the CBC walks in and and asks if he can film me. I say “Yes!”. 

it was great! I got to talk about how great marijuana was for helping me with my MS.  

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This article has shown it to be true because it is. The scientists believe that this study is the "most complete systematic review and meta-analysis of the effect of cannabinoids on MS." And today, IT’S LEGAL!!!

Pumpkin Memories by Neil Blake

I remember back in the day just before my now ex-wife and I got divorced in 2009, we were living in our loft we had bought and worked on to get just absolutely perfect. We had a spot in the rooftop strata garden and we started googling and learning about vegetable gardening. That was when I started hearing about competitive gardening.   Well, here we are 15 or so years later and I read another article about it and how a 2000 lbs pumpkin was recently grown in Cameron, Ontario. 

Blogger by Neil Blake

This website is my third or fourth website. And I absolutely love it. The mobile app by the site host, Squarespace, is awesome. The iPhone is great and it’s all so easy. Once I’ve posted, I can then go take a look at the anylitics for my site. I remember back in the day before I managed to get my site up on my own machine, I used a site called Blogger.  

I wish I could remember some of my old early day web addresses were from back in the day so that I could go and see whet their state is like today. They are pabably all just completely broken. 

Anyways, I’m just glad that I have this site today and they I have been posting so much more.  Finally, I want to thank my audience for reading, so THANK YOU!