Once again! by Neil Blake

Earlier, I mentioned how I’d lost a few key belongings (phone, Visa Card and drivers license) and even though I really have been trying not to lose or forget anything anymore, I just can’t seem to stop. This was fully illustrated by the fact that I forgot two key passwords in my digital life yesterday after  just getting my credit card and drivers license back. 

Well, here I go again! I’m just waiting outside of the Apple store wait for a genius appointment to hopefully get me back in. I’ll let you all know how it went in my next post. 

It's Been a Week Already! by Neil Blake

I got my weekly Activity Report for last week from my Apple Watch a few days ago and was very proud of my overall results for the week. I mean come on! Over 137k steps and 108.71km in a single week. WOW! 😮 

 Apple Watch Activity Report

Apple Watch Activity Report

Losing It by Neil Blake

So, one thing that i have noticed since being diagnosed is that I lose thins WAY more often than I ever have in my life. I used to be able to carry the same pair of sun glasses, an item I have seen many many people lose. Now, it's gotten to the point where I manage to lose my credit card AND my phone on the same day!

I did manage to get a hold of a phone so that I could call RBC and get my card dealt with, and once I got home, I logged into my laptop used the Lost My Iphone app to handle that. Now, I wait.

~100km by Neil Blake


I love my Apple watch! I use it to keep track of the number of steps I take everyday to try to hit my daily Carrot goal of 17500 steps/day, which I was usually geting pretty close to. Then, at the end of every week, I get a summary report for the week, which is in the picture of above. 

As you can see, I walked almost 100 KM last week without even really trying! 

In Touch by Neil Blake

When I was younger, i remember my mom, aunt and sister would all sing in the car. It drove me crazy! Then, American Idol came out on the scenee and became a regular show on TV that the women would get together to watch and talk about incessantly. I used to absolutely hate it. 

Today is different! Today, I am artist who struggles to be himself and express myself, and I am here, right here!

Today, i was watching The  Four:  Battle for Stardom and was introduced to Leah Jenea for the first time. Her performance was absolutely amazing and managed bring tears to my eyes very quickly and I’m not talking one little drop or just a little “moist” either.  

I’ve always been an emotional kind of guy, but not until my MS did I have such an appreciation for vocals like Leah Janea.  

Anyway, feel free to leave some comments after you’ve watched the video. 


Summer Hopes by Neil Blake

I’ve never been someone to really hope for much in life, or from it and even given the fact I am now at a point in my life where my life challenge, my MS, has been dolled out and is now challenging me in the daily. All while teaching me about myself, relationships, art, etc.. on the daily. for the past 5 years. 

This summer has been beautiful and so fun and memorable  I’m not hoping for an amazing summer, I’m going to make it happen. 

What a Weekend! by Neil Blake


Today is July 11th, which means we are almost already at the halfway point of the summer, which is always my favourite time of year!  The days are long and hot and the evenings are too. It all makes it perfect to go for a swim to cool off.

It rained a tiny bit on the way to the camp site, and the mosquitos were absolutely horrendous... but I’m on so much crazy medication, I’m pretty sure I smell like poison to them because I am essentially a walking poison trap so they totally left me alone, which was great!

Pemberton by Neil Blake

They aren’t quite ready yet, but I will be working on them tomorrow. It will be a brief summary and some tales and other musings about this past weekends camping trip! 

Found + Reset by Neil Blake


 Today was an amazing day! I’d forgotten a key password in my digital and online life... my Google account. Finally after a long time I was finally able to reset it!!! Soooo 😃 happy! Thank you Google!

Just after that was the next event..finding the grinder I thought someone had stolen from me in Sudbury in the freezer!!! 

i am on the train to go visit a friend, the friend who just called to tell me that they had found my jacket!!! 

On My Way Home! by Neil Blake



After almost 2 weeks here in Ontario for my birthday, it's time to get back onto a jet and fly back to Vancouver. I just can't wait to get back home and after this trip, I cannot wait!

My birthday this year was a life milestone that I thought I would be ready to handle and even thrive during. This week has shown me very  differently. Things it did show me a we’re lot of things about life, relationships, love and most importantly, myself.

It showed me that I still have a lot of work to do, and this time, instead of trying to make progress toward my goal on my own, I’m going to reach out for some help.

Now And Then by Neil Blake



The picture above is a picture of one of my ex-girlfriends and I. The left side was taken 20 years ago, the right hand side was taken last night. Even though we’v aged a little, I think we both look just as happy as we did back then, even if all of the joy in the most recent picture on the right is bacause it’s of two people who were extremely close and important to each other at one time who hadn’t seen or talked in 15 years! 

Melissa is now a successful real-estate agent in Toronto’s red hot real-estate market where she keeps winning top sales award after top sales award. It was just so interesting listening to her speak I could probably done it all night. 

We had laughs, good conversation and all it did was remind me of how much I miss her and show me how much MS has affected my self confidence. 

Melissa works today and so unlike back in the day when we would dance till the sun came up, we were in bed early to get some sleep like the responsible adults we are these days.


Teedot by Neil Blake


Back in my younger days, when I used to “rave”,  I’d try to get to “teedot” as often as I could afford. “Teedot” is what all of us candy kids would call the City of Toronto because that’s where all the best parties, I mean raves, were, and even if there wasn’t a party that weekend my girlfriend at the time was going to school at Seneca College and lived there, so I had plenty of reasons to go.

Today, I still have reasons to visit Toronto, but I live in Vancouver, so when my 40th Birthday party at home with all of my good friends from school and my family, I jumped on it.

So, almost 20 years later I’m on an Ontario Northland bus on my way to Teedot to catch up with the same woman whom I haven’ spoken to in an easy 15 years... I can’t even remember speaking to her since I moved to Vancouver.

That being said though, it’s 2018 and social networking is everywhere so I do still know a little bit about what she’s been up to.

West Arm by Neil Blake

So earlier this month while planning my trip home for my 40th birthday with my mom, we also planned to go to their trailer with my step-dad for a couple days and so that’s where I am now. 

Today is the summer solstice, my favourite day of the year because it’s the longest day of the year!