Now what? by Neil Blake


Today is another sunny, but cool, only 2C, day in the city so it’s off to a good start. Before I left the house this morning on the bus, I was trying to figure out what I was going to do. Then I remembered two things:

  1. I new have a GoVa 31 day bus pass in my pocket

  2. i wanted to see how much the south had changed

I am sitting here at the Starbucks at Plaza 69 on Paris St. in Sudbury. This part of town is where i spent a lot of time around, especially in high school, way back in the day! I mean, way back in the day, before I had even moved to Ottawa after university.
Today however, there is a beautiful and bright Starbucks that is absolutely bustling with people. This is the sort of thing I had around me in Vancouver everyday!
I sure am glad I found this again though, even if it is a 1 hour bus ride to get here.

Inspiration by Neil Blake


Yesterday was another beautiful day, although the high winds did mean you needed to wear a hat and gloves if going outside. I started working on latest pièce a few days ago, and even though I had an idea which led to the tree on the box today, but there is still so much space that I feel should be filled in.
Once I got the tree a little further along, I decided to try to make it a bit bigger with more colors. I still also wanted to add more to the scene before calling it “done”.
On the drive to and from the trailer last week, I had taken a bunch of photos of all the inspiring, beautiful, bright fall colors in hopes that I could spend some time looking at them later when looking for ideas. Well, that moment has arrived!
Check back here later tonight if you want to see where I, it goes next.

Back here again by Neil Blake

I’m sitting inside my local A&W by myself because I just needed to get outside and walk to think. Which I did until one of the buses that only runs once per hour drove up and I got on. Originally, I wanted to hit Starbucks to see if it was open on a holiday, which it wasn’t!
The light this morning is so reminding me of some other difficult times in my life where I invariably end up some where around here.
Oh well, I’m going to head back home so that I can continue to medicate properly with the concentrate I have at home, which isn’t much, but I do have a bunch of flower all ground up and really to roll.

A Different kind of art by Neil Blake

If you look at my Portfolio, you might look at it and think “Ok, how the heck did he manage that with a paint brush?”. That’s an easy one to answer. I didn’t usually use one. I usually use the flow of the media, gravity and an air brush technique for my paint brush.

The leaves are ah ah changing!

The leaves are ah ah changing!

Stillness by Neil Blake

One of the things I miss most about Vancoouver is the people, and how spiritual they often were. So amany people were into Yoga, meditation, and other healthy things that I had never even hought about or considered until very recently,.
This changing of opinion was largely brought on because of both where I am in life, and in the world… at the same time! am tired of not being in a happy place emotionally. Then I heard about “
wanted to try getting to a state of total silence… a state of “stillness”,

I first heard about the concept or idea of stillness from A tech podcast I listen to called “The Kevin Rose Show” be of someone I totally respect then,

New Piece in Progress by Neil Blake

I did a bit of work on my latest peice the other day, so I am still searching, but boom! Just got it!

ill try to finish it tonight, but in the meantime the image below is a teaser!


Hard Days by Neil Blake

Now that I am back in Sudbury, I’ve been able to try to relax and not stress myself out, and have been getting some pretty good results. Now, don’t get me wrong, trying to deal has meant really painful memories from my past days in Sudbury before I left for Ottawa. Well, Stittsville actually, to move closer to Crystal. I actually ended up moving into her old place in Maureen’s basement.
I haven’t really been anywhere other than Sudbury and Bracebridge since moving back east, but, wow! Do I think it would be interesting to catch up with some of my old lady friends!
I should probably send out some messages to see if anyone would be able to come back here for a coffee/catch up session.

Happy SaTurday by Neil Blake

I got up this morning in my dark room in the basement, only to upstairs and took a look outside! Wow! I can already tell today is going to be a good day for a lot of people.

For example my day started with me wanting to go for a coffee in an atmosphere that is enjoyable, calming and…. Well you that feeling when you walk into a Starbucks and smell the freshly ground and brewed coffee.

Another reason I know it’s going to be a fantastic day is that I’m going to find what I’ve been looking for.


Friday! by Neil Blake

I remember when I was going to school, whether it was high school or University, I would listen to music on my pre-iPod music device, it was generally called a Disc-man. Anyway, I really feel like going out for some good hardcore dancing to some grimy, filthy dubstep. I’m going to try to call a couple of people to see what they have going on, and if nothing, let’s go out!

Early Start by Neil Blake


It’s not even 7AM yet, here I am up and drinking my 1 litre of water before my doctors appointment this morning. I am supposed to be drinking the water and holding it in until I am there.

It’s going well so far. I’ve already managed to get about 3 (750 ml) of the 4 (1 litre) cups of water I am supposed to drink before I get there. Holding it back until it’s time shouldn’t be too much of a problem for me anyway either.

I don’t quite have plans today, except to do a bit of research on where I would like to travel next.

Figured it out! by Neil Blake


I moved back to Ontario after my grand-mal seizure last year because I needed the comfort of being closer to family and friends again. Well, that was last November, and we’re in October! The end of September used to be a very important time of year as I used to start keeping my eyes and ears open for any little bit of information I learn about what my ex-wife would like for her birthday.

Unfortunately, I totally got sucked into that dark, deep tunnel of thinking which usually does nothing whatsoever to help me finally let go. Yesterday however, I didn’t bother trying to stop and resist those thoughts, I just hopped along for the emotional release that I’ve been pushing back since it actually happened 10 years ago!

Obviously that’s why they say you don’t ever want to have to deal with this broken trust and love deal. I mean just look at what I just said! 10 years of very real emotional pain!

Traffic by Neil Blake

I remember when I first started blogging right after university. I was obsessed with looking at my traffic statistics and they were fairly small, kinda like they are today.

Even though I have been trying to post everyday, it took me quite a while to get into the blogging swing of things, but I’m back!

So I don’t do this sort of thing very often, but if you like what I write about, please feel free to share the URL ( or leave a comment! Thank you everyone!

Next Project by Neil Blake

Yesterday was an unusually busy day as I had two events scheduled. First on the list was to go to a local community college, Trillium College for a massage by a student in the Massage Therapy program. It’s a great idea as the local chapter of the MS Society knows plenty of people that students can practice what they are learning about in class.

After my massage, I went to one of the monthly support meetings for MS patients like myself. At one point I started talking about art and how therapeutic I found it to be and shared my thoughts about it. Then, I was asked to paint the anonymous suggestion box we wanted to set up. YES! Of course I’ll do it.

I already have a ton of ideas and can’t wait to get started! Stay tuned here and I’ll post a picture of it when I am done!

Free! by Neil Blake

I was going through some of my old stuff that was in storage until very recently, Then I found a stack of old cards. All sorts of cards, from Starbucks to Tim Hortons. Somewhere in there was a card that I remembered carrying in my pocket, but never ended up using. Since I knew I was going to be heading to get a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks.

Once I arrived, ordered and it was time to pay, I pulled out my phone, and my Starbucks card had $12 on it!

Since being diagnosed and wanting to get out of the house every day, and the fact today had been the first time I’ve had a good coffee in a little while.